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IT Services and Poverty Alleviation 
Kenya may be considered as a typical example for determining the real status of developing countries of the world towards undertaking program of activity for development. It has a population of about 33 millions Kenyans . The category of community people living in the country mainly is as follows:

� Rich Community consists of top executives, business magnets etc. The people have no problem of work. They have enough opportunity of creating jobs. But their number is very small. They live in urban areas.
- Educated Community which include university teachers, teachers of colleges, institutes, schools, graduates and postgraduates coming out of the universities after completing their education, other such category of people received or are receiving higher education. They live mostly in urban areas and villages.
- Higher Middle Class  which include senior executive, executive, junior executive in Government, semi Government and autonomous organisations as well as of private farms, farmers etc. Some business communities are also included in this category. This category of people live in urban areas.
� Middle Class  (General): This is the second largest community in the country. This community includes general Government employees working in various ministries, division, semi Government organisations, NGO, autonomous bodies, industrial concerns, trade centres, primary and secondary school teachers, farmers as well as of college teacher and other such organisations. This categories of people live mostly in an around urban areas as well as in villages. This people are usually considered educated community.
� Lower Middle Class: This category of people consists of small farmers/ agriculturists, small businessman, lower class people of Government departments, semi and autonomous organisations, worker of industrial concerns, business farms etc.
� Poor and Isolated : This is the largest group of people in the country. They are the real problem of developing and less developed countries of the world or in other words, so called Third World Countries. These communities include daily labors, unemployed old and young, dependent women and children, handicapped, beggars,tobacco farmers

Modern development of Information Technology (IT) has made information as raw material for development, power and wealth of a country.The exchange of information was different limiting to only trusted people. Modern Information Technology has transformed into a source of development raw materials, wealth and power of a nation and directed for the well-being of humanity hence the strong impact it has in alleviatin poverty in any location.
Information in this century is the basic need for any society to develop and that translates to the fact that if a location lacks an ICT hub then the chances of development are almost nil .
                                  INFORMATION SERVICES 
Newlight has identified some of the services that Information Technology if taken seriasly can help reduce the level of poverty in a given area especially when it comes to the youth who in most cases are highly affected.

  1.  Contact between individual and groups of work force as well as of among locals with the outside world.
  2. employment agency through the internet
  3. online learning through partnership with colleges and universities to offer e-learnuing
  4.  Catalyzing activity of group leaders and village leaders for disseminating on the spot available information.
  5.  Use of Production technology for disseminating Information booklets and updating knowledge on technology Information, professional skills, exchange of ideas among the locals escipecially the youth..
  6.  National relevant data to be made available at the center through the government official websites 
  7.  Telephone, Telecommunication Service and Fax,  
  8. Internet services including internet communication
  9.  Radio and Television services.
  10. Photocopy  video services and printing services 
  11. Computer education to the local to alleviate the illiteracy level exhibited in the rural areas
This and many other services that IT can offer have a very big role to play in the developing of any given area.
The world is a global village thanks to this technology and we should therefore embrace it with all our minds if we are to develop and remain relevant to the world.
      About Newlight
Newlight  is an ICT service company that is currently taking immediate steps for use and application of Computer Services at the rural level  for socio-economic development in kuria and migori county at large. Our Computer services are already available in Kegonga town,kuria east district.

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