Thursday, 27 December 2012


Friendship is the feeling or relationship that friends have. A real friend is one who stands by his friend in his our of need. A friend is a part and parcel of one's life.

 A person who is honest and sincere can prove to be a good friend. friendship grows on mutual trust and help. On cannot enjoy true and permanents friendship if one does not value it. A true friend inspires the other to improve himself. He will always warn him against going towards the wrong path. One can reform a friend or group of friends who has fallen into bad company. The steady affection of a friend is a great support in one's life.
 Man lives in a society. He cannot live without family and friends. A friend is a part and parcel of one's life. One can talk to one's friend with as much confidence as to one's own self. When one feels alone and finds it difficult to deal with a situation on one's won, one can seek the help of friends. A friend strengthens one's self confidence in times of need. He acts as a shield when one is faced with difficulties. A good friend can be called as a second self.
.One should always distinguish between good and bad friends. A person who is honest and sincere can prove to be a good friend. A good friend shares not only our joys but also our sorrows. He is source of happiness. He gives attention to his friend's problems.
A rich student can help his poor friend with money. A student who is brilliant in studies, can help his friend who is weak in studies. Friendship grows on mutual trust and help.
 it is easy to make friends. But, it is difficult to maintain it during all the stages of one's life. One cannot enjoy true and permanent friendship if one does not value it. One should have some spare time for one's friend. At different places life schools, college, colonies etc, we come in contact with a number of people. At these places people of similar tastes, likings, hobbies, nature etc., become friends. This friendship becomes close and lasts long. It is also seen that people, come close to one another due to some circumstances, call themselves friends but forget one another as soon as circumstances take them afar.
A true friend inspires other to improve himself. he does not indulge in flattery. He always warns his friend if the latter goes on the wrong track. He always protects his interest. He does not hate him for his weaknesses but tries to improve him. He may annoy him temporarily, but he does that for a good cause.
One should always try to avoid bad company. A group of bad friends may indulge in smoking, drinking, taking drugs, eve-teasing, fighting, quarreling etc. One should not hate bad company. One should try to reform them. In this way, one can be of help to the society as a whole.
Friendship has no boundaries of age, time, place or relations. Practically, friendship is made between persons of similar age group. But even a brother, a sister, a husband, a father or a mother can become good friend. Life is full of uncertainties. The steady affection of a friend is great support in one's life. A friend reduces one's misery and suffering by his sympathy and help. he can increase the intensity of one's joy by sharing it. Misunderstanding should never be allowed to come in the way of friendship. Friends should stand by each other through thick and thin. A true friend is the extension of one's own self. He is the enrichment of one's being.


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