Tuesday, 23 April 2013


It was a misty Thursday afternoon, the skies were glum, the air was light and the bone-splitting chill still found its way into my body through my Adidas jacket. What was worse is that we had a lesson that the lecturer had re-scheduled from Monday. I entered the well-lit classroom at 2:30pm, the lecturer hadn't entered yet but Lisa was already seated at the back. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa,
that's the tune that my heart assumed after laying my eyes on her. I believed that to find real beauty you had to follow her footprints, my afternoon changed dramatically. It became a bright afternoon, her presence was sunshiny. Her height was average and her beauty made my "feelings" boil into an outrage. Her face so smooth not pockmarked by either acne or pimples, her lazy eyes, pouty lips, her silky black hair was the envy of everyone from the femalesphere, her milk white teeth and blunt nose made her the modern day Mona Lisa, i bet if i could paint only one picture of her and sell it, the transaction would yield so much, enough for me to "retire" at my tender years of 24. Her physical geography was mountainous in the right places, her body so curvaceous, no, not to the ordinary but it was shaped by a perfect sculptor. I was awestruck every time i saw her, i found it difficult to talk to her, i had managed only two trembling "hellos" ever since i saw her to which she flatly responded. This day, she had a purple sweater on and a scarf coiled round her neck, she was fashion forward, never missed a step in looking good. I had decided that i will one day spray her with positive vibe and at that moment my gut was digesting itself, in painful anxiety. I made a couple of steps still dazed towards her, i opened my mouth to speak, i told her that her smile made all others smiles endangered species, i told her that while we watch stars in the sky, her eyes are stars on the ground, her ears satellites for listening to the frequency of how beautiful she was, her nose for breathing in air but for breathing out perfection, her lips were every artist's and painter's dream since they were worth a lot of money. Her mouth would always hunger for compliments about her. i admitted that her face was a garden of beauty. Her voice grated my eardrums like carrots and made me her nothing but her. Her hands were ten fingers of fineness, her legs and feet were for stepping and leaving footprints to lead explorers to discover real beauty, and her body was a map to the finest things to be found on a human body, it was a work of insane art. My mouth dried as i ran out of breath and i could see the expressionless look on her face, to my horror it wasn't Lisa that i had poured my feeble vibe towards, it was Braxedespina, the class representative, or "the maid" as she was referred to. How now? I blondly asked. How did that just happen? Lisa was seated a row ahead of the wooden Braxedespina. That shit was crazy, she took her hard cover notebook and bonked my head thrice, much to the attention of my amused classmates including Lisa, that laughter, her laughter would make the definition of "sad" change from 'unhappy' to "a little happy." At that moment, the lecturer walked in and saved my brief blushes. How i managed to miss Lisa and go for the unspectacular Braxedespina still amazes me, the embarrassment is a monkey on my back i can't shake off. It was a feat of wasted effort, fruitless labour. The lecture was only going to dull my afternoon more as my head throbbed from the "maid's" spanking but developed to a migraine on the sudden realisation that Lisa and Braxedespina were roommates and that she would share what i said to her. I had to find a way to stop that from happening, that would ruin any potential approach in the future. Lisa was still in my mind or made my mind still, i'm not sure. I don't know how but i had to make sure that i corrected the profound error i had made. When the boring lecturer was over and we poured out of class, i dashed and tapped her shoulder.


  1. haha mountains at the right places ..... one word- GREAT!

  2. Me nataka kumjua huyu lisa kwanza