Monday, 15 July 2013

There is only one television station in Kenya

We only have one television station in Kenya, it has many nicknames KTN, NTV, Citizen TV among others. You see, there is really nothing different on Kenyan television, it's just a shift of personnel that makes it appear so. Even living room contests over the remote control have disappeared.This makes my recently bought home theatre my saving grace from remote control boredom. When i switch channels i wistfully look back at the days when one looked forward to see what was on telly. The new programme on television was what got tongues wagging the following day at social forums back in the day before television stations decided to merge into one. When a couch potato like me sits in front of the telly, i tire at the recycled Nigerian movies, the depressing Mexican soap operas that i seem to switch and paste with my remote control buttons across TV stations, the music programmes that populate our screens from five the evening, the magazine programmes that all bring the self-same events; what makes an organised middle-class gig or event where casual sex is lionised more special than some colourful traditional ceremony held in some windswept plain in Samburu? Why are such decent ceremonies given a blackout? Or is it that they don't appeal to the intrusive and charged audiences who love watching and attending events like the Circle?, i glumly watch as stand up comedy and dance shows share the same time slot. In the dead of the night, the personnel become Westernised as CNN is broadcasted like a breaking news live story across the TV station divide. In the morning, its interviews, interviews and more interviews, which is not a bad thing after all, i get to learn, learn that conducting a discourse in Swahili is a slippery affair, the responses are anything but acts of strangling the poor language. So over the weekend, i have a virtual attendance to weddings that i'm never invited to. So don't be swayed by this talk about competition, we have one television station broadcasting the same content.

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