Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sina Story

So Rigga sang "Sina Chorus", today mimi "Sina Story". Mental block is my worst nightmare, than watching two spiders making love (i'm arachnophobic, remember?). Since i have no idea of what i'll write about and this won't be for long, here are my seven wonders of my week, it won't make sense to you even me. Sunday.
I've been watching her for quite a while, i've been wondering why she doesn't wear high heels and i realised that she does not need heels because she is the height of beauty. Monday, was wondering, why she calls it a handbag and yet she carries it on the shoulders. Tuesday, i was wondering why her memory is so bad, she gets invited to weddings by a memory card, she simply won't remember the date and venue. Wednesday. I was wondering why she does not put on jewellery yet every man is after her, i learnt she has a heart of gold that every man wants to treasure. Thursday, i was wondering how a rose flower can grow in the middle of the Sahara Desert, only If it has her DNA, she's so unique. Friday, i was Wondering why she was crowned Miss, maybe her beautiful face is the obituary for ugliness. Saturday, i was wondering why she has no problem with her weight, i realised it makes her larger than life: larger than the average life expectancy of 70 years, she will live to be 115 years. Her age also has weight

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