Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Kenya@ 50: Guessing Facebook activity before and just after independence.

Facebook Groups
1. Colonialists with Swag
2. Nyamwezi long distance traders
3. Man -Eaters of Tsavo
4. The Wanga Collaborators

5. The White settlers:Africans for reserves.

6. Socialites for freedom
7. KADU youth wing.
8. Ogiek hunters and gatherers.

Status updates
1. "Facebooking in detention"
2. I think I'm in love with a colonialist

2. "OMG! "Who are these people with white skin?
3. Just chilling in my hut

4. I hear the Government was to construct a metal snake from Mombasa to Port Florence(Kisumu)
5. Nkt! Our policemen should style up and stop putting on those funny shorts6. i bought my first bicycle today.
7. Yuck! eeeew! Jomo ametupiwa mayai yenye imeoza!
8. Harambee! Gud nyt friends.

Facebook Pages
1. Kenyans against Ludwig Krapf
2. Someone tell the colonialists
3. RIP Barter trade

4. Kapenguria Six
5. Beberu arudishwe kwao
6. Conversations za Uhuru

6. 1969:I was alive when man went to the moon
7. Tom Mboya
8. Men against Wangu wa Makeri
9. Campus divas for Mau Mau
10. Dr Livingstone Church for Africans.
11. NTV: Turning on your freedom

Facebook names
1. Daisy Mekatilili Mswt
2. Tom koitalel arap Samoei Jr
3. Freedom fighter Pele Kimani
4. Peter Mzungu
5. Miss Independence Mwikali

News Feed.
1. Jomo Kenyatta is now friends with Pio Gama Pinto.
2. Paul Ngei likes Lancaster House
3. Steve Bakari likes Police shorts fashion line.
4. Daisy Mekatilili Mswt is now friends with First Prime Minister Omondi.

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