Thursday, 15 November 2012

Political Nonsense

Flipping through television channels on a typical political weekend i always wonder what the huge crowds that gather to listen to politicians gain.
It may be under the unforgiving sun or drenching light showers or it might be in a church and any other sanctuary that politicians deem fit to shove political rubbish into our ears. They arrive late for their rallies as they make kingly entrances in a convoy of vehicles. often they pop themselves through the sunroofs of their fuel guzzlers to wave to the surging crowds, pretentiously smiling as men and women chant their name.Once on the podium, forms of entertainment are displayed, mostly dances. The worst part comes when the politician decides he wants to join in the dance.Most of our politicians are fat, pot bellied, unathletic, unfit and out of shape to pull off a decent move.They insist on shaking a leg while their inflated girth won't allow them to impress. Surely there must be a gym somewhere they can access with the luxurious lives they lead. A politician will drive a gathering mad with laughter as he rhythmlessly and ponderously tries to dance together with the more energetic, youthful and flexible dancers for the day. The moment of comic relief passes and the microphone is duly handed to the politician.Rising from the settee on the oft-regarded high table, he will shout the their party slogan to which the crowd responds. He will then remind the people of when he was there last and ask if they are still in "the house
" referring to the tribal politicall party he formed. He yaps about why everyone from region X must join his political party because it caters for their narrow-minded and tribal interests. He warns anyone from that tribe who does not support him or his tribesman of rejection at the polls or that they will "be left behind" as they move forward while ironically praising Kenya's democracy.
In some other cases, politicians will express adolescent behaviour, directly insulting and directing immature remarks at their opponents.At the mercy of their horrible voices, others will croak a chorus or two to work up the crowd. I disgustingly recall a rally where a politician fired at his opponent by claiming that his opponent's wife denied him a moment of passion in their marital bed or when a female MP scandalously threatened to strip naked on a podium.I'm also taken back to when several politicians swore by the Holy Bible to support their tribesman for President. Such desparate showings from our legislators have come to be accepted by a generally passive public. We cheer them as they arrow insults towards other tribes. We never mind that they have failed to deliver on their promises to us before they got elected.
Is that why Kenyans gather as they push and surge, to listen to crappy speeches and tribal announcements? Is that why the sun hammers our heads as politicians deliver garbage into our minds while standing in a shaded dais? it is worth noting that no issues, no empowering substance is shared by them on the podium. Issues to do with health, education, employment opportunities, water , talent promotion, improvement of living standards of livong and much more are cast aside for ridiculous prattle in front of TV cameras and the world at large.
What is most unfortunate is that the entertained crowds troop back to their homes with a majority of their issues unaddressed and their problems still persisting. As tribal tunes were hummed and drummed, as insolent and childish remarks stood out in just another weekend of local politics.

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  1. funny but unfortunately very true mr. khamasi...