Friday, 29 August 2014

Women's groups are insincere

After the brutal killing of a 14 year old girl in Kwale by police, where are those Women Reps, Women MPs and Women rights organisations?
Or are they waiting for a Shebesh to be slapped or a Waiguru to be threatened for them to speak. I thought these Women Reps were elected to "speak for women." as they usually say when their positions come under scrutiny. No woman in power has come out to condemn the manner in which police have handled the shooting and their ridiculous explanation that the young girl attacked them. And those who pay attention to detail will note that even a female lawyer has not taken up that case for the girl's distraught family.

So what do we make of this? Selfish interests governed these women's clamour for equal opportunity and inclusivity. Their agitation for gender equity was a conduit to create positions of power and influence for themselves like Women Reps. Women's and girls' perceived and real injustices in the society are used as a ladder to power and preservation for them to remain relevant in their elevated roles. The common woman's challenges did not inform affirmative action but affirmative selfishness. That is why when Governor Kidero assaulted Women Rep Shebesh, women MPs told us it "was an assault on the women of Kenya"

Women rights organisations rush to make those condemnatory press conferences only when "big women" are targeted. Speaking for these "big women" makes them relevant as they are given the attention that they crave, to have visibility so that some funding comes along. Speaking for "little girls" won't boost their esteem as they won't occupy acres of space in the media. For them its all about lining their pockets.

I won't pretend that i understand women but the Kwale debacle present an opportunity for women in spaces of influence to come out and take the police to account and take security agencies to task over insecurity. This is the time their voices should be heard or in customary fashion they are waiting for a Shebesh to be assaulted and a Waiguru to be threatened so that we know they 'speak for women.'

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