Thursday, 4 September 2014

Gospel Confusion

It is quite unfair to their audiences when showbiz presenters ask gospel artistes, "how hard being saved and having fun is."
Such a question is usually met by a response which tries to mitigate the responsibilities that come with salvation and 'demystify' salvation itself.
Such a question is unfair at a time when almost every Kenyan gospel song fits the description of contemporary and conscious entertainment that attempts to re-define the Gospel and 'demystify' salvation. When a song is gospel simply because it makes implied or actual mentions of God. When songs' content and use of analogy try to make 'fun' and salvation interchangeble. When the style of presentation is left to override the substance. Such a question is unfair when currently most Kenyan gospel music is abstract and there are no clear lines of distinction as to what and Who the music represents.
For the likes of Chero of E-Curve and her fellow presenters, fun remains undefined, the boundaries of fun are unmarked, the territories of fun are vast and salvation is a spoilsport to fun. So when the artiste in their response fails to define the boundaries of salvation and how the gospel artiste fits into the world's perception of fun then it leaves the audiences and by extension the society confused.

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