Sunday, 5 May 2013

A slim guide on life.

The one liner 'when life gives you lemons make lemonade' has never rang truer than most recently
. You could call this a slim guide on life. Plans can be made tight, alright, but even the best laid can unfashionably collapse. It is perfectly fine to dream up events in the cavernous future. What is vital, though, is to develop and engineer cushions for disappointment. Things will not always materialise as dreamed up. Many things contribute to having our plans diverted from the designed course. People turn their backs on you at the most desperate of times. They leave you whimpering as the need for support grows larger. They leave you in a lurch. Investing your trust in people is a cardinal transgression. Never allow anyone to play your hopes up without checking the concreteness of what they promise you, it can turn out empty. Optimism in the wake of the best laid plans is an acceptable minimum but guarded expectations are finely poised in the face of disappointment. An uninterrupted streak of let downs by people entrusted to assist you in achieving your desired claims or dreams is bound to happen to all of us at some stage in life. Some people whom you expected to help you render indifference. Making your plans with such people in mind is a time waster. They could have the able capacity to aid you but they coldly shun you. But in the sand, you can pull out a few streaky gems. There are reliable people who will actually roll up their sleeves-elbow high- and help you achieve what you want. They will willfully do it, volunteering to drag you through until the desired end. Clearly, God under-supplied these valuable people. They are very few. But in the face of disappointment, you can churn out positives if you choose to. You can thread together gaps in that negative episode that present themselves to come out a tough mend. Some tough experiences are actually act as platforms to promote us into another phase of life. The good thing with challenges is that they will make you stronger, sharper, wiser and give you new ideas depending on how you handle them. Now let me juice myself some lemonade.

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