Friday, 10 May 2013


When it does, normalies adjourn the service, mental bruises and icecold wounds emerge. Emotions are accravated and mental visions became myoped; ocean-like questions,
gravious as blackhole, endless like sea sand granules, recurring like Galileo`s earth circumivigation ordeal, defiant like Bibilical Goliath`s arrogance seem to aggrivate the human soul.
It, with certain assurance, does without accredition or symptoms of heavy downpour likely to transpire. Populace reminiscences  and thoughts of oblivion linger. At first impression, it window dresses null consequences and drive many to think that it is water under the bridge; obviously a passing tide with no pronounced consequences like there before.
Always it is with precise assurance that acclimatization clasps the austere and  the serenity . It has calculated dosage, stern precision and arrogant recollection. Beings waste handfuls of calories trying to disintegrate themselves from this web, unfortunately it cringes, squeezes, holds firm until it smashes its villain into pieces. From individual`s behavioral messages, it always starts with,''i can live without her/him. '' Thank God i`m free at last.'' as if resonating the immortal  words of Martin Luther King Jr, but the ordeal proceeds to the next advanced stage.
You start missing one another, lonely kills, i eavesdropped the meaningless line at one stance, you start collecting all the good things you did together, ranging from funny to crazy, the memories dance in the brain`s yard reluctantly and stick like unwanted relative. You feel the urge to cry but you confine the wells of your tears with  a mystifying consolation when the thought of the rift-creating-action emerge. You say it loud,'' I hate you'',''you fool'' among other uncommon connotations in my religion realm. You cuss vehemently but in the process, an instance,a word, an action, a behavior, a smile, a song, a comment, a picture appears from nowhere. The sweet unending music gang up like abracadabra abracadabra chants. You stretch you right righteous hand and hold your most treasured make of the phone,  you scroll the contacts, you might say, absentmindedly. You rest at her number and dial. It is when you realize and as if conditioned like a robocop you cancel the operation but not without giving it several seconds to register on the other jamming end which to a big suprise is undergoing the same emotional turmoil like you are.
Then the Tom and Jerry game starts where every character in the stage want to emulate the contents of the movie, `three can play that game`. yoo spent sleepless nights thinking about each other but neither is ready to accept to bow to pressure and tell he other player what they feel deep within them....

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