Friday, 10 May 2013


It is rather odd-fashioned to drop a coin in that can,bowl,plate,spoon or any other tool of art used for collecting alms. While i walk down the alleys,
i always hear disdained,choked,febble,weak voices calling me brother. I took a minute stance  of my precious, time to look at these filthy creatures where Max Weber dictionary will have  a hard time to define the meaning of the term 'poverty'. They stink, poor and don`t deserve sympathy from the corridors of my soul, they deserve what they are getting, they did not work hard as i did, they should be taken away from this precious city of ours they are dirtying, making it to smell stench all along to my nostrils. they will make me contact some undescribed disease which would cost me much moneys; the thoughts flood my cerebrum and paint black my soul. Stead of dipping my fat, oily hand into my three-piece coat pocket, i look rather disgusted, shove them hard away and progress to enjoy the pleasures and beauty of my rightfully earned coins.
at the nape of your saintly mind you call me heartless, insensitive, devilish and all sorts of names that have no place in sainthood. to crop it all, is an unfeeling, immoral human being. But the funniest stance of all is, mine is just a tip of an iceberg, i present the majority in the 'saintly' society. almost each of us do this each and every time, without giving it much thought since these thoughts can soil our thinking circles and make us seen as less humans. You`ll find us crowding, gaining new information and free knowledge from the manilla paper resonating rather a sadist viewpoint of life. The message would not grasp any part of our mind leave alone the gates to the soul. We would grin and haste to  accomplish our God-given duties of the day.
This normality at the least disturbs our moral foundations, noble citizens of this great nation which has 80% Christians, many Muslims, Hindus among others leaving decimal percentage unattached to any religious belief. Each and every warship day, we are told to love each 'other' but these roadside beggars are not the `others`. They are the way they are because they deserve it. The question we avoid to answer is, if i found myself in such a similar situation, what would i do, feel or say? It can never happen, is the first reflexively conditioned thought which Usain Bolts into the right-hemisphere of the brain. He or she is somebody`s brother, sister, mother,father,kid and all the familial relations you can possibly attach. From my religious understanding God created Adam and made Eve, so we are each other`s brother, sister, aunt,uncle,mother,father among all the others. Let`s not grin, haste, cuss, look  away or any other nonreligious acts but rather give an helping hand no matter how small it might appear to be, God the Almighty sees from His highest throne and to bless you he will. Just do it when you can for if quoting the immortal words of Quaker which goes as, `` I will pass through this world but once, so any good deed i can do for any mankind, or kindness i can show to God`s creation, i will do today for i will never come this way again.''

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