Friday, 5 September 2014

Let's respect all careers

Academic pride is an educated display of ignorance. Why would one despise another because of their career?
Why would you demean courses that others are pursuing or about to pursue because you think yours is greater? People who look down on others because of their careers are sanctimoniously stupid. And many doctors and engineers are guilty of this as well as those pursuing the relevant courses. They are not alone though. 

 The sample size of those pursuing medicine and engineering who engage in petty academic pride may be small but the frequency with which they put others down is consistent. This prestigious-than-thou attitude in career practice is partly our teachers' and parents' fault. When we were in our formative schooling years, certain careers were highly talked of and that entered into our psyche. Pursuing other careers outside the doctor- engineer cocoon was abominable. Those who have a misguided contempt for careers in the Arts, Social Sciences and Education are ladies and gentlemen who never grown up from childhood career initiation.

 Each and every career is important, everyone of us has a role to fulfill, some roles may be more technical, more intensive, more remunerable but none is more important than the other. Careers have their challenges but it's not for us to despise those in them and careers have their perks so it isn't an opportunity to demean others. What would the world be without teachers, diplomats, recording artistes, doctors, journalists, accountants, pilots and businesspeople? There would be a vacuum which one with their skills and know-how would have to fill. The society finds balance and sanity with diversity in performance of our roles to the best of our abilities. You are great in whatever you are or are pursuing, you are the best at it. Ignore those discouraging voices, they are still entangled in the past and wallowing in ignorance. No politician, parent, fellow student, nobody can limit your best at what you do.

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